Relife Property is a rapidly growing corporate groups that targeting middle-up individual and companies as customer segment. With its value proposition Respecting Life that transform into property development and property management business, Relife Property generates revenue from selling unit, servicing revenue, and leasing revenue. Within it 10 years of operation, Relife Property has develop more than 700 hectares land for more than 10,000 houses and shops. 

The group was founded in 2007 by several alumni of Universitas Indonesia. In its young journey, Relife Property transformed into six subsidiary companies. Relife implement strategic partnership, continuous improvement, and deliver as promised in its operational process. 

Currently the group requires additional IDR 100 billion equity injection to restructuring its debt and IDR 500 billion loan to financing its potential project. The loan will be repaid from operating income of the project and equity from IPO.


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